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Posted by Imo Udom

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Aug 29, 2013

You might know us as Wowzer, the video interviewing software company, but we are proud to now be WePow, leading the way in the humanization of recruitment through technology. We're the same company at heart, we're just getting better at what we do! As technology grows by leaps and bounds, so do we. This a very exciting stage in our industry, particularly for WePow.  

Although we originally started as a company specializing in video interviewing software, we quickly became a resource for all things recruitment communication related. WePow makes it easy for companies to convey their brand and culture to candidates before they even step foot in an office. Recruiters enjoy our web and mobile platforms, which are easy to use and extremely effective. Recruiters can share, comment on and compare video interviews anytime, anywhere.

The way people interact, learn and capture information has changed. The impact of video has hit everyone hard and we get the power of that. So without further adieu, we invite you to see the new look and feel of WePow through everyone's preferred medium -video.

WePow has a long history of embracing technology to improve processes, save time and resources, but that's not where our expertise and technology ends. Our particular brand of video interviewing allows for a more personal interview experience; incorporating the brand, the company culture and a visual story. Employers and candidates are no longer inhibited by the boundaries of time and distance. WePow's technology allows the freedom and flexibility that today's workforce needs. 

Thank you for taking the time to meet the new WePow. 

-Imo, Co-Founder 

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